Friday, September 17, 2010

Stephen vs the numbers

Stephen Harper.

"Opposition to it has not diminished; it has only increased," he said.


The late August poll by The Canadian Press Harris-Decima indicates that 48 per cent of respondents thought it would be a bad idea to get rid of the registry, up from 42 per cent in April and 41 per cent last November.
Can't tell if that's a lie, or just another battle lost in the Conservative War on Reality. Hmm, I suppose they're kind of the same thing.


Dana said...

Clearly Happer asked Flatty about the numbers.

liberal supporter said...

I keep asking in a few blogs if they support scrapping the short gun registry. All the arguments against the long gun registry apply equally well to the short gun registry.

1. Not one life has been saved by the short gun registry and we've had one since 1934.

2. Since the two registries use the same infrastructure, the cost savings can only be realized by scrapping them both.

For some reason, I am not getting any response to this question.