Friday, September 17, 2010

It's ETHANOL Time!!!

Name yer poison and tell us what's rottin yer socks. Open thread.


Boris said...

Donated bourbon tonight. And sock-rotter is an academic who encourages intellectual mediocrity from students among a few other questionable practices.

Scanner said...

Some open thread this is. You'd think at least a troll might show up
Anyway, I recommend this site as a way to fuel your car and your Friday nights.

sinned34 said...

As usual, I'll jump into a days old thread to say that I'm a homebrew beer kind of guy. It saves a lot of money, and I can make good european-style ales instead of forking out cash to subsidize the government through Molson or Labatt.
I just hooked up a cream ale to my kegerator and am looking forward to a wet weekend, both weather-wise and drinkwise.