Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awkward phrasing, please reword.

On the Con website.

Laureen Teskey Harper (born 1963) is the wife of Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada since February 6, 2006 and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Reading this, one might think Mrs. Harper was the Prime Minister and Conservative Leader. Either that, or the most important person in the description is her spouse given that he features most prominently in the first line of her bio like a postnominal qualification. You know, just in case we don't know who her husband is. Or the archaic idea (popular with Conservatives, I hear) that a woman is defined by her husband.

Just sayin'.


ricky said...

Interesting, I would like her more as PM I think...

JimBobby said...

Either that, or they might think she's been his wife since February 6, 2006. Awkward wording, indeed. Of course, King Steve IS the most important person in the Con website, the Harper household, the House of Comnmons, Canada and the whole wide world. It should go without saying.