Monday, September 27, 2010

Booting a terrorist . . .

GIZMODO has an article by Jesus Diaz, "How They Found and Killed the Bloodiest Narcoterrorist In the World". Apparently, last Thursday, the Colombian government caught up with Mono Joyjoy, all thanks to a boot. A very special boot, it seems . . . 

Víctor Julio Suárez aka Jorge Briceño Suárez aka Mono Jojoy, born in 1953, was the big boss of the military organization of FARC, the so called Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. The objective of this Marxist-Leninist 11,000-man-strong guerrilla is to overthrown the government through terrorist acts, financing themselves with drug traffic, kidnaps and extortion of all kinds of innocent people.

Last Thursday, Mono Jojoy was at his secret headquarters in La Macarena, an area deep into the Colombian jungle. It was a normal day at the 984-foot long base. Nobody expected what was about to happen, which is probably the reason why they didn't use the escape tunnels that go out of the military bunker, at the heart of the base.

After all, they all were sure that nobody knew where this base was, hidden from US spy satellites by the thick foliage. And in any case, they probably thought that neither the Colombian nor the US intelligence could ever learn where Mono Jojoy was located at any given time.

Mono Jojoy was probably doing whatever it is that bloody terrorists do when they are not planning how to screw the lives of people who don't give a damn about their revolution.

And taking care of his poor feet.

He suffered from diabetes which, combined with the rigors of the life in the jungle, had caused painful injuries on his feet. That was the reason why he had to order a new pair of special boots. And that was when Operation Sodoma started and his death begun.

The guerrilla command sent a message asking for these special boots, which was caught by Colombian intelligence. The Colombians were able to intercept the boots and rig one of them with GPS circuitry. When Mono got them, his fate was sealed.

Shoulda stayed with Crocs.

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Scanner said...

Yeah, I read that in Gizmodo and thought 2 things, first what is Gizmodo doing shifting so far to the political right? Second that I did not believe a word of that story. Much more likely that he was turned over by a rival or just a soldier that the gov't paid, or that the body bag shown is not the Farc guy. frankly any news story out of Columbia is suspect as most of the journalists have been corrupted or killed in the last 5 years.