Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Colin Hansen finally figures out that he screwed the people of British Columbia

And now he's apologizing.
Finance Minister Colin Hansen has offered up an apology for the way his government sprung the harmonized sales tax on unsuspecting British Columbians. But the way the tax was imposed, he said, should not influence the referendum that is to come on whether or not the HST should stay.
So now Colin wants to be best buddies with all of us? I hope not. He will remember that some of us have stories from George P. Vanier Secondary School which might still embarrass the minister.

Apology not accepted.

Colin Hansen either lied to the people of British Columbia or has demonstrated a level of incompetence which supports his removal from office. He is not fit to govern.

The way the tax was imposed is entirely the reason we should be influenced in a future referendum. Whatever reason he had for slapping a tax on the citizens of BC, it was not divulged during an election campaign, it was not subject to public hearings and it was not debated in the legislature. The people of BC wore this by Campbell fiat. If Hansen thinks it's such a good idea, repeal it and then reintroduce it properly.

It's about bloody time these guys were hacked off at the knees.

I expect that if Hansen had committed the same level of heinous act with his wife she would be demanding a divorce.

That works for me. Write on the board, Mr. Hansen, 1000 times, RECALL.

Or resign and avoid it.

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Smartpatrol said...

"A day late & a dollar short."