Sunday, September 26, 2010

Regressive Conservatives

I'm so glad I moved back to Canada in time to vote against these jerks. I said when they passed this law that it was bad idea and poorly thought out. Now that I'm dealing with the realities of applying for confirmation of citizenship for my two kids born in Tokyo and applying for permanent resident status for my wife, I think it was an even worse idea that was not thought through at all. But I suppose the Conservatives consider anyone who has been further away from home than spending a weekend shopping at the outlet malls near Plattsburgh or a golf holiday in Florida to be an "elite." Remember, getting too much of that fancy egghead book-learning just makes you want to live in a big city with other elites or - god forbid - among foreigners. The only Real Canadians (tm) are those who stay on the farm, clinging to their bibles, guns and Conservative Party of Canada membership cards. Maybe Stephen can figure out a way to revoke citizenship for those that leave the country -- he certainly seems to be working on it.

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Peter said...

So apparently my son, born here in Melbourne Australia (where I've been doing my PhD) 8 weeks ago, doesn't deserve Canadian citizenship because my father happened to be doing his PhD in the US 39 years ago when I was born. I had no idea about this, and I am seriously pissed off. Thanks for the heads up - I was about to try to find out how to register him as a Canadian born overseas; sounds like I have some extra questions to ask now.

Rev.Paperboy said...

That's right Peter, because the last thing Canada needs is more highly educated people with international experience and the kind of broad perspective that travel brings. Such people might not be as easily suckered in as the rest of the sheeple when some knob with a bad haircut and a sweater vest starts talking about "elites" and "so-called refugees" and who is and isn't a "real Canadian."
I hope you are well and truly pissed off and I hope your father and the rest of your family are well and truly pissed off. Pissed off enough to write letters to PMO and the Ministry of Immigration. And I hope you remember this when the next election rolls around.

Boris said...

This turns my stomach.

Peter said...

I passed on a link to the WFP article to my Dad, but haven't heard back from him yet. I imagine he won't be thrilled, to put it mildly. And as far as the next election goes, well, I'd have voted for Kang and Kodos before I'd have voted for Harper and his merry gang of thieves and liars.