Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Using LSD to catch fish

DOSE NATION has a report that an article from a 1964 edition of Sports Illustrated describes one scientist's exploration into the use of LSD to catch fish. Really. SI's page confirms this:

March 30, 1964
A Dreamy New Era For Fish
Experiments with LSD-25 and other hallucinogenic drugs indicate it may be possible to spook trash fish up—and out—of angling waters.
• • •
But if a chemical could cause all the fish to surface for several hours without killing them, then the undesirable fish could be picked out and the game fish left to prosper. Again, a surfacing chemical would enable biologists to take a highly accurate fish census of a body of water without harming a fin. A low-flying plane could photograph a treated body of water, and biologists, interpreting the pictures, could get a count of species and populations.

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