Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harper's refugee from the Mike Harris disaster speaks

And he did it in the wrong place. As Impolitical makes clear, the audience, The Canadian Club of Toronto, is there to hear facts. Hell, they're willing to listen to a point of view. But they do not gather to hear the trial run of an election campaign.

Canadian Club veterans muttered about the bad manners shown in using their meeting as a venue for an assault on the opposition parties, noting with disapproval that Mr. Flaherty had urged his opponents to “rise above petty politics” before putting the boots to them.
What do you expect from a two-bit ambulance chaser; a Mike Harris refugee? This is not a principled individual who would respect the platform he had been offered. This is a Harper puppet. He will abuse anything, everything and everyone to achieve whatever it is he wants to achieve. The one business that he does not consider relevant is the truth. Ever.

Flaherty sirened on about how the Liberal, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois are somehow already aligned in a coalition ready to govern with all the policies of each party becoming a national policy package.

Except there is no coalition. It is as imaginary as the porn the frat boys in Harper's office consume.

Flaherty however, knows a different reality. His government is a coalition. It exists from bill to bill. The Harper conservatives have survived by garnering the support of the "socialists" on any given bill. They have welcomed the "separatists" to support a budget bill. They are themselves a coalition of real Tories, religious nut-cases, Alberta oil-patch reformers and political refugees from the vandalism foisted on Ontario by Mike Harris.

When Flaherty yaps on about how a coalition would raise taxes we have to look no further than his own actions. Against all advice he lowered the GST and cancelled income tax reductions. That left you seriously out of pocket and increased disposable income to the wealthy. You would pay less on items you cannot afford but Stevie and Jim still get a huge chunk of what you earn before you can spend it anyway.

The man is socially and politically deficient. He tells us that an election would hurt any economic recovery.


He has handed us the largest fiscal deficit this country has ever recorded. At the same time these goofs run off and spend money on mega-conferences like there is no tomorrow. Do they demonstrate austerity? No ... they go the other way!

What Flaherty did is to tell The Canadian Club that democracy is a bad thing. It interferes with his agenda. The one that is propped up by a socialist, separatist, reform, religious and tory coalition.

And if there is any hint that the coalition will fail, he and Harper just run to their bought and paid-for Governor General and have the doors of Parliament barred.

Imagine how this little tyrant would behave if the roadblocks were removed.

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Rev.Paperboy said...

the vandalism foisted on Ontario by Mike Harris

I think you are being entirely too kind to Mike Harris tories. Vandalism, in this day and age at least, suggests spontaneous youthful hijinks and rebellion,a little property damage like broken windows or graffitti. What Harris and his cadre of Bay Street backed Babbits did was to systematically dismantle 20 years of social and political progress in Ontario, gut public education as a byproduct of going after the teachers' unions, significantly rachet up tensions with First Nations, take the province from being a place with some of the highest environmental standards in the world to a toxic cesspool with laissez-faire pollution laws that made Louisiana look good by comparison. It has taken the province 15 years to start to clean up the mess and there is still much to do.