Monday, September 20, 2010

Pilot error: Con-lazy

Via Impolitical, David Pugilese finds that the Air Force was expecting a competitive bidding process, and was in no particular hurry to pick a CF18 replacement, at least until the Cons came along and told them they were getting the F-35.

There's a larger point be made about the way the Cons do business. They are inherently lazy. Their resistance to the bureaucracy of decision making is also a rejection of rigour that the established decision making process, for all its faults, governs the process of equipment procurement. They don't try to repair the process or look too closely at what's wrong it, they simply ignore it, fire it, and replace it with not much more than their own brand of rhetorical duct tape. This logic applies across their way of governing. Parliamentary procedure does not go their way, they prorogue. Staticians must resign. Etc.

Of course the problem with this approach is that it ultimately creates more issues for them than it solves. They are groundcrew pumping kerosene into the wing while having a smoke by an ungrounded fuel truck while the pilot starts spooling up the turbines. But no, it seems the thicker-than-whale-shit Cons think its easier to just do everything at once because the effort involved in doing it properly is just too damn hard.

I suppose you could be kind and call it "faith-based" governance. Empirical decision making means they have to do their homework and that might cause the to learn things which counter their worldview. No, it's easier to just not know. Of course, most of the rest of us dwell in a fairly consistently agreed upon reality which is now beating the Cons over the head as evidence counter to their word bloats up to the surface.


MgS said...

That's because Harper is indoctrinated with Straussian political philosophy - these clowns are so arrogant that they actually think they have to deceive us because we're incapable of understanding their unstated (and likely unpalatable) "vision" that they wish to impose on us.

Boris said...

MgS - I hesitate to give them the credit of a philosphical basis for their antics. That said, Straussian and all-market ideological position have always struck me as morally and intellectually lazy positions. They basically state in the former that you can do anything you want as long because that's just the natural order of things, and the second because the market will do everything for you.

We're really dealing sociopathic couch potatoes.

MgS said...

Central to Strauss is the notion of "the Noble Lie" - deceive people about what your real objectives are and then try to convince them otherwise.

How many times has Harper lied through his teeth to Canadians, and tried to slide his agenda in through the back door?

Dave said...

Long gun registry - Private Member's Bill. "Not on our agenda, but will go to the wall for it."