Thursday, September 23, 2010

The reality of The World Stage(tm)

Some years ago, just after the Harper government won its first minority,  someone with an ear to the ground in New York told me that the usually active and vocal Canada had gone silent and withdrawn. According to my source, our diplomats and representatives at the UN had been told to shut-up and the other countries had apparently noticed. 

Now, suddenly, the UN (well the blowy-up stuff Security Council at least) is all-important to Stephen the Harper and his uh, brilliant foreign policy-ing.

Once again the Conservatives learn there are consequences to "asshole" as a policy. 

Too bad.


Dana said...

One has to wonder whether an email campaign to the UN SC permanent members would be any point.

Anything to humble this arrogant, ignorant prick.

Boris said...

Good to see you around these parts again, Dana!

Dana said...

Thanks. I think I may be recovered.

Dave said...

I think I may be recovered.

And the light has always been on, mate.

Give me the word and you can have this platform.

(my god, the word verification for this comment is "plato")