Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Canadian version of Machtergreifung

I had such high hopes, once upon a time. Instead, a governor-general buckled.
But I thought that it was quite interesting to see that this was a moment in our country to reflect on, ‘Okay, how does our system work?’ I think it was a labour of raising awareness and raising also the responsibility of being well informed and of making the effort to learn about our political system. Because there’s going to be before and after. From now on, people realize that the governor general has a role. The governor general has to analyze, think, make a choice. My preoccupation was really to make the best decision in the interest of the country. What was best for the country.

It was her job to be acutely conversant in our political system. It's been around for a long time.

Paul Von Hindenburg was probably thinking the same thing when his gutless actions created a Fuehrer. She created a presidential prime minister.

At least she's not alone in the history books.

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