Monday, September 13, 2010

HST, BC and the horsehit that falls out of Campbell's yap

Mygod, this is amazing.

If British Columbians vote against the HST in a referendum, the province will dump the controversial tax, says B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.
Because he says so?! Jesus Christ! It's not within his authority to make such a pronouncement. He has no law to support that and we already know that Campbell is a seasoned liar. This is the same guy who ripped up signed union agreements.

Worse though, is that he wants British Columbians to pay additional taxes until the Fall of next year and then decide.

I have a better idea.

Lets toast this bunch of Chicago School Harperites right now. Fuck 'em. Starting with Campbell let's exercise a franchise exclusive to BC and take them down. Rip away at their guts and leave a bloody mess. Even if Campbell can withstand the ridiculously one-sided requirements of a recall campaign, it will destroy him.

And nothing would give British Columbians a greater pleasure than to see Campbell destroyed. Nobody really liked him in the first place. Aside from his big business buddies, anyone who ever voted for them seems to have done so with their fingers on their noses.

Make them squirm. Make them defend themselves.

We are owed that for the lies they tried to feed us.

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