Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An invisible plane for invisible threats and other tales

Oh Airshow.

"The F-35 will allow us to see threats before they see us," Defence Minister Peter MacKay told the committee. "The stealth capability makes it the right aircraft, not only on the existing threats, but what may come."
But what if the "what may come" are also flying invisible aeroplanes (or flying at all!), which they might well be given that stealth is the new sound barrier? What then, oh wise one?

Then again, we're dealing with people who don't see a problem with building prisons for people who might be criminals if only the justice system could see them.

There is a very Adams sort of logic at work with our pet Cons.

Pete, you just keep on giving. Further down the page:
NDP critic Jack Harris demanded to see the list of Canadian requirements that the government used to determine the F-35 was the only option, but MacKay said such information is classified.
I see a new talking point emerging.

There was no Canadian competitive bidding process because to issue a call on Merx would have meant that the Conservative Canadian secret fighter plane requirements would have been posted for all the world to see. And that would clearly jeopardize our post-politics executive jobs with Lockheed Martin and distract from news of the Con EPIC FAIL around the non-guarantee of IRBs the lives of our brave men and women fighting in Afghanistan and we can't take that kind risk with of lives of our troops. Unless you're some sort of Liberal who hates the troops and wants to give the Taliban and the Russians our sekrits.

Or some variation thereof.


Edstock said...

"An invisible plane for invisible threats" — I see ships! . . . hard ships

Scanner said...

India just cut a deal with Russia for 60 T-50's. I bet they're not paying $140 million each. India is currently building Su 30MKI under license. The 60 T-50 will be built in Russia but I bet subsequent orders will be Indian. Oh, and the computer for the new Gen 5 will be built in India. What's a T-50? Sukhoi's 5th generation fighter to replace the Su-30 and 35, stealthy and complete with 3D thrust vectoring. The Russians are quoting $100 million each in this news report: