Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rules of Engagement

So, how's that "Lock and Load" mentality working out for you?

Done in pictures so the editor doesn't have to explain.


Alison said...

Dave's link

and a second hack/prank via BCL.

Dave said...

Thanks Alison. I think I've got the link fixed now. Today is not starting out with a great deal of luster. Corrected a url on the building blogroll and lost the entire thing.

I think I'll go find a nice fat beetle to eat.

Boris said...

Sun Media legal section ambushed by Soros' legal division because Ezra.

That retraction doesn't sound like the ceasefire negotiations were a success.

You know, between this and the Korypocalypse over Fox North, that media group might start to think it's bitten off more than it can chew. It says something good about this country that the attempt to import US style outrage media has been met with seriously entrenched resistance.

West End Bob said...

Hey, Gang:

Check out today's "The House" on CBC. At about the 29:30 mark, Kathleen Petty does a re-hash and update on Corncob Kory with Kady chiming in.

Good stuff . . . .