Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurricane Igor 19/1530Z

Hurricane Igor is within range of Bermuda with stations and correspondents reporting hurricane force winds already. In many places the power has been out for several hours. Igor is the only remaining hurricane in the Atlantic and remains a powerful cyclone.

At 1500Z (UTC/GMT) the centre of Igor was located 135 miles (220 km) South-Southwest of Bermuda tracking North at 14 knots (26 kmh/16 mph).

Igor's eyewall has collapsed and there is considerable weakening, however it remains a Category 1 Hurricane and is forecast to remain so for the next few days. Igor has max sustained winds of 75 knots (139 kmh/86 mph) with gusts to 95 knots.

Igor should start to make another turn after passing Bermuda. It will likely accelerate in a Northeasterly direction and will begin to transition to an extra-tropical cyclone. It will continue to remain a hurricane for some time and is forecast to be at Cat 1 strength as it passes Cape Race, Newfoundland.

Bermuda weather radar at 1520Z. Image BWS (Webcam!)

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