Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updating Betty Krawczyk

Alison has updated her post to include a summary of Betty's 22 September court appearance. There was no resolution and we're now awaiting the announcement of a further court date.

To make things a little easier for Alison, if you have comments or questions related to yesterday's proceedings it would be best to bring them together in one place over at Creekside.

There was an interesting development. Crown counsel Brundrett dismissed the obvious stinking pile he'd left in his wake and said he was not seeking an increase in sentence. He suggested the 15 and 25 year sentencing comparison to two cases involving pedophiles was to provide "scope". Now there's a memo or two I would love to read.

CBC covered this case on The Current yesterday. You can download the segment here.


Alison said...

Thanks, Dave.
I've been sitting here this morning trying to write a summary post of the whole thing for The Beav without getting out of my IANAL depth. Too long. Epic fail. It's hard.
That must surely be why I've yet to find any coverage of the events at yesterday's hearing in the noosemedia today, huh?

Dave said...

It is complicated. Maybe I'll give Gary over a Wiselaw a jingle. Perhaps he can help.

Nice work though. Well done!