Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Read this! I mean it. Read it!

When I used to tell my troops that I would have their gut for garters, this is the kind of thing that qualified for executing such an act.

Ask yourself: Where is you income tax form going? No wonder these guys want to get rid of the long-form census. They believe everyone will abuse it the way they do.


Boris said...

Hmm. It might be that the Harperites ditched the long form because that information is protected. By law they cannot access that sort of personal information, and Statistics Canada/chief statistician, not the government, is the gatekeeper. There are special cases for sharing identifiable information with other parties, but Statistics Canada must first be satisfied about the rationale and that the legal requirements of secrecy are met. A minister's notes would be an epic fail.

They want personal data on individual Canadians who oppose their actions and policies... A department with enough clout to challenge them had to go.

Their support for the troops runs through policies of fear. They'll talk a big public line, but as soon as a troop or former troop has a gripe they'll seek to ruin them.

Perhaps they think we ought to be thankful that they can't [yet] install political officers in units, or send politically "disloyal" troops to penal battalions or gulags.

Rev.Paperboy said...

someone - more likely several someones - had a better lose their job over this. I don't think criminal charges for invasion of privacy etc. would be an unreasonable expectation. And if it turns out the Cabinet Minister at the time ordered staff to break the law in collecting and providing this information, then he ought to face criminal charges and resign their seat. This is appalling.