Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This is the Commander-guy's big chance

Just a thought.

Congress now has an opportunity, with Bush in Iraq, to actually decide how to start a troop draw-down in Iraq.

Might I make a suggestion which is not only fair, but may deal with some other corollary problems.

Start immediately.

Those forces which have been in Iraq the longest are those who will be removed to their US home bases forthwith.

Those with less than 4 months remaining in their tour will be withdrawn to a position over the horizon in preparation for repatriation.

Those with 10 months or less will remain in Iraq but start to withdraw to the borders in an order of "time-in-theater".

Those with less than 2 weeks in Iraq will complete a full tour but junior personnel may be withdrawn to the border.

The more senior personnel in the aforementioned category will remain. This includes general officers and those assigned Commander-In-Chief under the US Constitution.

Personnel remaining will be given the opportunity to pick the best equipment and kit from those who are leaving, although warrior Commanders-In-Chief should be given special armour, a sword, the religious tome of their choice and distinctive markings so that others will recognize who to follow. C-in-Cs should also consider engaging in direct single combat whenever the opportunity arises since it's cheaper and much more efficient than calling in air-strikes.

Once all this has been done, extend combat tours indefinitely.

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