Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mrs. Mills does Manhattan

The young Manhattanite was in a dilemma. Thanks to Mrs. Mills, she's not anymore.
My husband and I are an attractive, affluent couple in our early forties, with three children. He is a romantic, thoughtful man who always puts his family first. I have no complaints about him, save one: I would like to have sex several times a week (I’d settle for twice), while he seems content with twice a month. He is handsome and physically fit (as well as healthy), and looks closer to his early thirties. What can he do to stimulate his libido, or, conversely, what should I do to dampen mine? There is no information on the internet on how to decrease sexual desire. I am beginning to fantasise about having sex with a good-looking, muscular young football player, but I am not the cheating type (Catholic upbringing, dedicated mother and so on). Do you have any advice for me?
No messing about here. Mrs. Mills cuts right to the chase.
Good grief. Either your husband is weird or he’s having an affair. By the time they reach their forties, most married men can’t be bothered with their appearance (they’ve pulled, so what’s the point?), and as for being romantic and thoughtful – only when trying to wheedle their wife into bed. Demand your conjugal rights now, and if he jibs, press him further on what he gets up to when you’re not around.
Now, wasn't that easier than writing to some therapist with his own television show and having your whole family appear on nation-wide TV while you are over-analyzed between commercials?

Of course it was.

Read the rest of Mrs. Mills advice this week in the TimesOnline. Don't miss the dandy one about the chairman of a residents' association in Maidenhead complaining about how the secretary violates propriety in the way she slices cheese.

Of some interest to readers may be that Mrs. Mills has written a book entitled, Mrs. Mills Solves All Your Problems. Some interesting, entertaining and illuminating extracts can be found here and here.

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