Saturday, September 08, 2007

G is for Gabrielle. Computer models tracks and satellite images

Subtropical Storm Gabrielle was born out of Invest 99L late last night. Gabrielle is gradually acquiring tropical characteristics although the conditions above it will prevent significant strengthening for the next while.

So, for now, Garbrielle is a 40 knot/46 mph/74 kmh storm. Its greatest effect will be on the Carolinas where it will probably make a glancing turn northward as a tropical storm. North and South Carolina can expect to get wet from this one.

There is probably not enough time for this system to develop into a hurricane before becoming an extratropical cyclone. That could have an effect on Nova Scotia, although current models suggest it will pass at a somewhat wide berth. Well almost all of them. The GFS has a line going through downtown Halifax but that line of prediction is too far in advance of the system to have much accuracy. (Magenta line on computer tracks).

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