Thursday, September 06, 2007

Laura Bush has a pinched nerve. George goes on a date.

George W Bush is in Australia causing all kinds of grief for Sydneysiders because of a security clampdown. But, George isn't letting that get in the way of his fun.
Condoleezza Rice has been President Bush's foreign policy tutor, sports buddy, national security adviser and his secretary of state.

Bush came up with a new designation Wednesday at a dinner in his honor.

``She can be my date,'' the president said, reaching out his left hand to touch Rice's arm as they stood before the cameras at a dinner hosted by Prime Minister John Howard and his wife Janette at their residence, Kirribilli House .

Why, that's just so touching. One would think George would have taken his, you know, wife to dinner with the Howards.
First lady Laura Bush had stayed back in Washington, saying a pinched nerve prevented her from taking long flights.
She couldn't make a flight on the largest, best equipped private jet in the world?

Air Force One has a large presidential suite, more lounges than some hotels, a large galley and a medical room. To go with that all the staff that Bush and his entourage needs is provided. Why, even Laura's physician would be there.

It's starting to sound like Laura Bush has a pinched nerve named "George".

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