Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Humberto now a hurricane. Computer models tracks

The National Hurricane Center has upgraded Humberto to a Category 1 hurricane. Hurricane warnings have been issued from just east of High Island, Texas to Cameron, Louisiana.

Hurricane force winds extend 15 miles/30 km northeast of the cyclone centre. Maximum sustained winds are 70 knots/80 mph/130 kmh.

Hurricane Humberto is advancing on a track of North-Northeast at about 7 knots/8 mph/12 kmh and is expected to make landfall on the upper Texas coast very early Thursday morning. Storm surges of 3 to 4 feet above normal tide levels are expected near and to the east of where the centre makes landfall.

GFDL and UKMET computer models show this cyclone making landfall and then tracking back out to the coast due to a short wave trough over the southwestern US.

That was fast. 24 hours ago there was a question as to whether this system would even reach Tropical Storm levels.

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