Monday, September 10, 2007

Rove's replacement is just like... Rove

This is the actual headline from the Washington Post:
Rove Replacement Seen as Highly Partisan Go-Getter

It gets better.
Jackson is seen as cool, analytical and fiercely partisan -- "none of this 'let's get along' kind of stuff," in the words of one GOP acquaintance from Capitol Hill, who described Jackson "as the man behind The Man."
Bush's Brain's brain. That, or a Karl Rove hit man. He should improve things nicely, don't you think?

In other information from the same article...
[White House Chief of Staff Josh] Bolten first approached Donald Rumsfeld's old press secretary Torie Clarke about becoming White House press secretary after Scott McClellan quit in 2006. Clarke purportedly told Bolten she would rather commit suicide. The chief of staff then turned to Snow.
I would have thought the inimitable Victoria Clark would have been well suited for the job. After all, fiction seemed to suit her quite well. She was the general manager of Hill and Knowlton's Washington DC office when, during the lead up to the 1991 Gulf War that firm created the Nurse Nayirah fiction; and she suddenly found herself "resigning effective immediately" after her complicity in the Jessica Lynch fantasy.

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