Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When something looks out of place...

Via just might be. Lemme see, crewcut, fit build, nice to get a closer look at those highspeed black boots he's wearing. Doesn't seem to be associated with or interacting with anyone around him, let alone dressed like them in his slick Gortex shell and new jeans. And I wonder what he seems to oh so directly go for when he opened the back door when everyone is milling about or curiously toying with the car... And to me ol' biased eyes, there's a look on his mug like he knows something the crowd doesn't. If I saw him on a flight, I'd be surprised if he didn't collect a duffle bag or barrack box off the baggage return. It's enough raise an eyebrow at least.

Click the linked text above to Pale's post, and watch the video below. Do you know this man?

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