Sunday, June 13, 2010

They let these people have firearms...

The take over of the Republican Party by the teabaggers seems to be nearing completion. Here are two separate examples.

Ever heard of Sharron Angle? No? Here, let Greg Sargent at the Washington Post tell you about her. She's the newly anointed Republican candidate running for senator from the state of Nevada.... against Democrat Harry Reid.
... the Reid operation is gearing up to paint Angle as, well, a nutjob, as a cross between Rand Paul and Orly Taitz. There doesn't appear to be a shortage of material.
And the thing is, they really only have to sit and let Angle do all the talking.

Yes... she is for real.

What's also real is the new Texas Republican party platform. You have to read Bud Kennedy's entire piece to gain a full appreciation of how loony the Republicans have become. And, they're all armed.

I know. It reads like a comedy piece, but it too, is for real.

As an added bonus, readers might want to gather in that the family-values, church-going, morality crowd that supports the tea bag revolution is also in this and still trying to sort out why their divorce rate has gone off the Beaufort Scale.

I am reminded of this quote from Peter Coyote:
... what would you call people that believe that fully automatic weapons and cop-killer bullets should be freely available; who bomb abortion clinics and advocate the murder of doctors who perform abortions; who believe that anyone who is not a Christian is doomed to Hell, and people who would elevate Creationism to the status of science? Give me a polite name and I'll use it.

Tip of the bonnet to Skippy, proof of intelligent life.

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