Thursday, June 17, 2010

A very simple question

Me and my old combat medic are going to bugger off for the weekend. We do that. I pay; he holds up an index finger and says, "Your external carotid artery."

I'll pay. Happily.

So... I have an unrelated question. Well... sort of related, in my warped little mind.

If your cable provider or satellite service pissed you off enough, would you tell them to disconnect you? Could you live without.... geez, I don't know the programs anymore.

Could you live without pay-TV for perhaps 60 days?

What if it was, y'know, a movement, intended to send a message. Would you do it?

No piped-in TV to send a message. You'd still have your internet connection.

Hell, it might improve your sex life. Protest can have its benefits and doesn't have to involve throwing rocks.

And that, George, is why we have a comments section. Go for it.

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