Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Richard Fadden and Pandora's Box

Really, Mr. Fadden?
"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries,"

Well, Mr. Fadden, our intelligence organization, (Of course you don't know about it! We operate in secrecy.), has serious suspicions that sworn members of CSIS have been suborned by foreign governments and are therefore not operating in the best interests of Canada.

We're watching them. Closely.

Oh please, may I update? Thanks. Let me do so. (Emphasis? Mine... all mine)
I have not apprised the Privy Council Office of the cases I mentioned in the interview on CBC,” he said, adding that “CSIS has not deemed the cases to be of sufficient concern to bring them to the attention of provincial authorities.”
But it's good enough to announce on national television. Is this man some kind of fucking nut?!!

I swear, if any one of our intelligence agents ever did this, I have that person seen to the door.

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