Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Food for the shredder...

Harper, the hillbilly "economist" who, in the face of a global financial meltdown failed to even acknowledge its existence, then tried to tell Canadians it wouldn't affect them, is scrambling to make sure he doesn't get left standing when the music stops.
With days to go before Canada hosts the leaders of the world's richest countries, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling on the G20 nations to show the same kind of "solidarity" in nurturing the global economic recovery as they did in battling the financial crisis.


On Monday, Harper gave a series of media interviews to call for greater co-operation within the G20, which emerged as the premier forum for discussing economic issues during the financial crisis.


In a recent letter to the other leaders, Harper called on the G20 countries to cut their deficits in half by 2013 and stabilize their debt-to-GDP ratios, or put them on a "downward path," by 2016.
The synchronized whir of paper shredders worldwide in response to the leader of a country which has lost more global respect in four years than anyone could have thought possible.

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