Monday, June 07, 2010

The man who has never been right about anything...

Is wrong again.
"I'm familiar with the budget for security," Flaherty told reporters in Toronto.
Well, good. You were also familiar with a global economy swirling the drain and denied it was ever happening. Until it took the final plunge.

"Canada's playing an important role and it's one worth playing from time to time," Flaherty said.
What part would that be?

Is it the part about Canada being vilified as a global pariah and world-class reneger on greenhouse gas emissions? Or is the importance of our role associated with continuing to peddle the disgraced Bush administration policies on maternal health care, which are more in line with the whispers in Harper's ear from a charlatan religious profiteer than with the rest of the world?
"In today's international environment unfortunately, it's necessary to spend substantially on security. It's Canada's turn. Either we don't take our turn or we pay the appropriate amount necessary so that everyone is safe."
It is? This is the big conservative "safety play"? All us grown-ups will keep the double-double crowd safe from the boogie men.? Is that what this is?!

Is that why you are holding it in a place almost impossible to secure? Or, to do so means a virtual police lock-down and a trammeling of freedom?

Tell us more about what it means to keep people safe, Big Jim. Sit us down beside the fire and tell us how this is all about safety. Tell us how sound money management should not stand in the way of safety. Tell us why a long-gun registry is such a bad idea in terms of safety and over a billion dollars for security alone makes sense.

Go ahead and justify, you slimy little ambulance chaser, on the basis of safety.

Safety for whom?

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