Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Police

Is there anything about your conduct around the G8/G20 that doesn't amount to a fucking lie?


I had another thought in the wake of this post.

Could police statements about not giving a damn about our rights, and the secret law passed to "limit" those rights, and lies from the Hogtown police chief on down be grounds for some sort of legal challenge or legitimate resistance to arrest?

I am no lawyer, but it seems reasonable to me that in era of secret laws, police lies and abitrary detention and search, a private person might reasonably conclude that there could either be secret laws of which they are unaware but subject to, that the police may have little or no intention of respecting their legal rights, and what the police tell them is actually a falsehood.

There are now literally thousands of witnesses to this in practice, and the public realm is full of enough of their statements for a person to conclude such a thing. Thoughts?

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