Thursday, April 12, 2012

OK, so lemme get this right

First, you make a big deal about porous borders and how dangerous terrorists and assorted creepy crawlies are moving through CBSA checkpoints in packs and herds. You say that to address this we need to like yesterday build barriers in ports and hire more guards and OMG give them all guns!!11! 

Then suddenly you're like all meh and stuff.


West End Bob said...


It's like harperco has a severe case of ADD, Boris . . . .

Purple library guy said...

What you have to realize is that the Harpercons don't care about security. They care about fear. Well, and they like "security forces" that can be used to crush protesters, but they don't care if those forces provide, y'know, security.
But the point is to make people afraid of terrorists, drug smugglers etc.; actually stopping them doesn't matter. How does stopping them make people more scared? I mean after all, to the extent that the dangers they point to are real they're only going to harm the citizens, and mostly the non-rich citizens at that. What do the Cons care about the welfare of citizens? Are they limited-liability? Whiny little non-corporate persons go around acting like the Charter of Rights was written just for them or something.