Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hitler away!

Well, Stephen of Harper, you've just subverted a Law of the Internets. Godwin's Law no longer applies and well, we can now happily mock you with comparisons.

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Silverfox said...

It may be time to finally give a little credit where credit is due and recognise that Stevie is no match for Mr. Moto-Mulcair who is quite capable of goading him and his party into making complete asses of themselves.

Not doing too bad a job with the Liberals, either, judging by their responses.

He's also good at kicking the Con's right between the legs when they least expect it, not to mention any members of the press that have failed to notice that he's far too savy to be tricked, trapped, or trifled with and takes a singular delight in exposing and completely turning the tables on any such attempts.

Rae is clearly suffering by comparison, most particulary and recently with the Liberals disgusting failure to simply give a unanimous thumb's-down on the equally disgusting Woodworth Bill because not agreeing with Mulcair, was more "politically important" to them than the issue itself was.

The degree to which both Harper and O'Connor subsequently tried to distance themselves from that very same repugnant bill is also telling because it's a foregone conclusion that if either was even half as opposed as they pretended to be that bill would never have seen the light of day to begin with.

So Mulcair has changed the dynamics and the optics with major miscues and blunders fearfully and fretfully coming out that have given us the most unusual spectacle of seeing the Libs responding the way we would have typically expected the Cons to and the Cons themselves bending over backwards to give us the typical Liberal over-reaction and breast-beating that has generally allowed the Cons to proceed simply on the basis that it's never as ridiculously bad as that,(which it usually isn't), and with no more ever being said about just how genuinely bad and harmfull it actually is.

Once the corporate controlled and right-leaning media gets done with ridiculing and picking those kinds of over-exaggeratons to pieces the public has heard far too much ado about nothing and is simply too disgusted and discouraged by that to hear anything more about it, no matter how damnable any of the future consequences may be.

So no, the exaggerated "Hitlerian" comparisons, are definitely not in order, because there are enough hard and ugly facts that need to be raised and hammered home just as dispassionately and seriously as possible untill people see just how serious the implications are.

Harper has already cost us our respectability in the eyes of the world, but we only deserve that if we lose it in our own, which is precisely what he wants and has no less been getting.

That places the credibility on his side and allows him dismiss his critics as being nothing more than a bunch of scurrilous malcontents.

We can't restore our self-respect by simply venting our frustrations at him and what he represents with any trite and vociferous ad-hominens and photo-shopped ops, no matter how good that only momentarily feels.

We're not rising above his level we're standing on heads trying to look down our noses at him in the very same way and that has to stop if we want to be taken seriously about issues thar are just about as serious as they get.