Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Political minders


Not in my country.

Hey government scientists, why not get together and hold a press conference to introduce your research and your political minders to the world? Let them be photographed and invite the international media to interview the 'media relations contacts' and get their names. Make sure there's an upside-down Canadian flag in the background.

Don't be afraid of these vampires. Go on the offensive and stick'm in the sunlight.


sassy said...

Excellent suggestion.

ThinkingManNeil said...

I had two reactions when I first saw the segment on the CBC referred to in this. First I was angered and enraged that we've sunk so low as a country as to ape Soviet-era tactics when it comes to matters of information and truth, but then I thought, "How fucking typical of Ratbastard Harper and his dimwit cronies." Harper, and those of his ilk, are notoriously ambivalent and often downright hostile towards science for basically three reasons: !) They simply don't understand it. Recent studies have found that conservative thought patterns are essentially restricted to more basic, primitive, and reactionary levels founded on a need for personal security. They cling to ideas, slogans, and institutions that make them feel safe and comfortable, and do not like to be confronted with information that challenges their assumptions. 2) For Cons, the only good science is the one that benefits corporate interests and agendas. Finding new ways of making bigger flat panel TV's for Hockey Night in Canada is OK, doing basic research inyo the structure of matter and spacetime is not. Research into new weapons is good; research that shows human-factored climate change is not. 3) The growing religious faction. The Harper regime is chock full of christian theocons who will not accept anything that does not jibe with their creationist claptrap. Expect growing pressure from them to expunge evolution from research and classrooms, kids in Genesis had dinosaurs for pets, and no star or galaxy is further than 10,000 light years away.

Harperland: Where ignorance and stupidity are raised to the level of virtues

The Mound of Sound said...

Boris, I need your help and that of your Galloping Beaver collaborators. I think I have a simple idea to create a vehicle for expression of public discontent to Harper's shanghaiing of Canada's democracy.



I'm convinced we need to start a campaign to reject Harper's ways. I have e-mailed Elizabeth May, Rafe Mair of The Tyee and the Council of Canadians seeking their support. I have also invited my own readers to run with this idea. What about you folks at GP?

We need a certain, albeit relatively small, impetus to get this underway but, once it starts rolling, it could just be unstoppable. You GP'ers could lend a pretty hefty shoulder to this initiative. What do you think?