Thursday, April 26, 2012

My ISP ate my post

I absolutely hate it when that happens. It also ate a couple of important emails. (Well, important to me. The intended recipients will have to decide for themselves whether they can continue on in life without them. I suspect they will have to kill themselves).

My ISP tells me the reason for eating all my profound words is "minor maintenance". Hmmm. For the imperative of "minor maintenance", at an hour of the morning when the cable-people should still be sitting at the breakfast table reading their morning whatevers, we have probably lost the solution to a whole host of problems.

And now, I'm out of time.

So, I will move on, having waved at the cable-guy on my way to the harbour, and suggest that you read this and do follow the links.

1 comment:

West End Bob said...

ISP issues here on the mainland this am, too, Cap'n.

Unless it's a guv'mint plot to silence the lambs?

See CISPA/C-30 post . . . . ;-)