Sunday, April 29, 2012

A strong, stable conservative majority full of liars

This will get the Wurlitzer spinning:
Stephen Harper's Conservative government has won this year's Code of Silence Award from the Canadian Association of Journalists.

The annual award recognizing Canada's most secretive government or publicly funded agency was handed out in Toronto Saturday evening.

The federal government was named for keeping information out of public hands on files such as the F-35 program, avoiding questions at media events and for restricting both public and media access to contentious information.
You have to ask. With a "strong stable conservative majority", why are they still trying to hide everything?

(Gotta love the Maxwell Smart graphic)

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Moon Rattled said...

And this from a press that is, for the most part, corporate-owned and a spin machine for Herr Harper. Most notably the Globe and Mail and the National Post, though the Post seems to be a less forgiving of Harper lately.