Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The dictatorship of the proletariat . . .

How to play Patty-cake . . .
AS IF TIBET WASN'T BAD ENOUGH, now the Chinese are trying to take over in the "South China Sea" — China is claiming ownership of the whole body of water, off its coast. Problem is, the South China Sea is shared on its periphery with the Philippines, and its offshore fishing and resources.

It seems that the Chinese don't seem to care about others, unless they have to. Makes you appreciate Nimitz-class nuke carriers and all that wonderful stuff that keeps our dear socialists playing nice. Currently, a lot of 'progressives' are engaged in a kind of mental 'frottage' over their dislike of Americans, and I fear that this leads to "tunnel vision" and a lack of awareness of just how nasty these socialists are. Remember Tibet? Can you say genocide? The Tibetans are NOT Han Chinese.

According to the Montreal Gazette's Agence France-Presse report:

MANILA - The Philippines' biggest warship was locked in a standoff on Wednesday with two Chinese vessels in the South China Sea, reigniting tensions in a decades-long dispute over the resource-rich waters.

The Philippine government said the Chinese ships were blocking efforts by its navy flagship vessel to arrest Chinese fishermen that were found on the weekend to have illegally entered its territory.

• • • •
China insists it has sovereign rights to all of the South China Sea, even waters close to the coast of other countries and hundreds of kilometres (miles) from its own landmass.

The Philippines says it has sovereign rights over areas of the sea within its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone, and that its position is supported by international law.

And Stevie can't wait to give these fascists everything they desire? Maybe it's time to start 'rationing' our exports to China, and do a forensic audit of all those Vancouver properties owned by Chinese Communist Party aparatchiki. Let 'em eat all their plastic crap.


thwap said...

What exactly are you babbling about?

astone said...

I guess thwap is just plain ignorant!

Purple library guy said...

He's saying that China is a large country with a fairly powerful military and navy, which throws its weight around much the way every other large country with powerful military and navy does.

Not sure what all the stuff about the proletariat is supposed to mean, if anything. China hasn't had anything to do with socialism even in the old Soviet sense in well over 20 years now.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly true. I read about China crowding the, South China Sea, quite some time back. This is the tension between the U.S. and China. The Philippines had asked the U.S. to arm them, so they could defend their islands with their rich resources, against China's thieving from them.

Harper will say and do nothing. China controls Harper too. Harper has permitted China to buy up the tar sands. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. Harper is allowing China to bring their own people, to work their huge tar sands projects. China refuses to have the oil refined in Canada. They can pay their own people crap wages, to refine the oil in China. Harper is also permitting China, to bring over thousands of their own people, to build the Enbridge pipeline. China wants the dirty tar oil, yesterday.

Same in BC. Gordon Campbell shipped BC mills to China, along with BC's raw logs. This put 131,000 BC mill people out of jobs. China owns BC mines, China is bringing their own people, to work those jobs too.

Seems Canadians didn't listen to Fadden of CSIS. He out and out warned about China's huge inroads in Canada. Well, our worst nightmares are coming true. Harper is giving Canada away to, Communist China.

Bawgh said...

I agree with Thwap.

Seriously, Ed, why are you presenting a serious issue using this kind of framing? You sound like Anne Coulter for fuck's sake.

Edstock said...

Bawgh: Because it is a serious issue, accurately framed. Don't believe me? I'm sure there are lots of Tibetans who would love to explain in gory detail. As far as I am concerned, cultural obliteration is genocide, even if you don't manage to kill everybody.

So these socialists, as their party proclaim themselves to be, are now claiming ALL of the South China Sea, and you're not outraged?

You sound like an old Cold War era KGB-sponsored "useful idiot" for fuck's sake. Wake up.

The Mound of Sound said...

There have been several assessments of a possible Chinese plans to use its new blue water navy to transform the South China Sea into a Chinese lake, sort of like Mussolini thought the Med should be Italy's.

That's why Uncle Sam is trying to rekindle its old love affair with the Philippines and find a new deal, probably including basing agreements, with the Vietnamese.

Sort of funny, but it's also the reason given by PostMedia's newsydupe Matthew Fisher for why Canada must buy the F-35. Apparently, according to Fisher, all the Western countries are lining up to buy the F-35 so we can go head to head with China.

thwap said...


Wake up?

You need to pull that santa-claus head of yours out of your fat ass.

Seriously? Us "progressives" are all soft on China because they're communist? Is that it?

What decade do you think it is?

What proof do you have that "progressives" are soft on China anyway?

By the way, .... stupid, ... while you're trying to answer my question, don't bother pointing to any "progressives" not lining up with some US-American fear-mongering about China.

There's some people in Iraq who would talk to you about your asshat mentioning of people in Tibet.

To whit: You want us to join a US-American crusade against China like every other right-wing nit-wit.

Grab a clue EdStock: Both sides suck. Now what are you going to do about THAT?

[If you're wondering about my tone, it's because I can't believe I have to read such simpleton-level bullshit on a blog like this.]

Bawgh said...

Ed, China can call itself whatever it wants, it's irrelevant. China is a dictatorship. Their military power is the product of our free market. Everything they do is driven by economic greed. They're desperately trying to keep the money machine rolling. It's only going to get worse as long as our own free-marketers keep giving our wealth over to their factories.

So, yeah, I'm confused. What's this got to do with socialism? More importantly, why are you trying to pick a fight with Canadian progressives, many of whom call themselves socialists, over an issue we've all been screaming about from the early days of globalization?

Seriously, wtf.