Saturday, April 21, 2012

Defund Catholic Schools

I've never agreed with the public funding of schools run by an organized superstition in the first place and this just reinforces my reasons why.

While we're at it, let's remove the tax-exempt status from the entire so-called "church".


Lorne said...

While I have always opposed public funding for Catholic schools, given their discriminatory practices and the duplication of many services, the sad truth is that our elected leaders will likely never defund them, given that the political costs far outweigh potential benefits.

Dana said...

Can anyone imagine a project such as the building of a national railroad or a coast to coast highway happening today? Any project of national scope or importance?

We're even allowing our physical infrastructure to collapse out from under us without doing anything at all about it other than patchwork.

And it's not politicians or political parties who are doing this.

It's me and you, it's the human citizens of this place.

Imagine if a political party, at any level, ran on a platform of spending money on highways and bridges, waste systems, transportation infrastructure and so on.

Oblivion would be their reward.

We're insane and we're consigning those who come after us to a garbage heap.

West End Bob said...

For lack of a better term, "Amen," Cap'n . . . .

Unknown said...

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