Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Juan Cole gives David Frum a whack

David Frum gets a well deserved smack down from Juan Cole.
Frum helped beat the drums for war with Iraq, and maybe he favors another war, this time with Iran. But for him to tell the American people that such unambiguous warmongering would *lower* the price of petroleum is nothing less than a Big Lie.
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hettygreen said...

He says in that article that demand is exceeding supply. Why am I then reading all sorts of informed analysis that both gasoline and petroleum demand in the US and many other developed areas of the world is falling to levels not seen for ten years? The idea that there isn't much speculation built into the price of oil? Laughable.

Saskboy said...

"In fact, it is the clarity of that policy that is contributing to high prices. A more vague and ambiguous policy is what might calm the markets.

Obama’s Iran policy is to visit crippling sanctions on Iran and to attempt to impose a financial embargo on the sale of Iranian petroleum."

Very interesting. I hadn't thought of it that way before, but it makes sense.

Are petrol stockpiles depleted as he claims, or is Hettygreen aware of large reserves?

Jim Parrett said...

So good to see a smackdown Frum's framing of himself being a reborn 'moderate'. He's simply an opportunist who saw an opening in the the media to present himself as an alternative to the extreme right now dominating the GOP. It's all just show. There is nothing moderate about David Frum.

hettygreen said...

Iran is laughing all the way to the bank with these sanctions. Last I heard oil revenues were still north of 50 billion dollars a year. In fact they recently stated they could stop selling oil completely and still have enough cash to survive for three years. But with China as a willing customer, why would they? Meanwhile back in the West our disposable income (those that still have any) goes out the tail pipe. Eventually the choice will be one of driving or eating.