Monday, April 16, 2012

And it even has pillows!

Home is where you feel safe, comfortable and welcome.

Yeah, we feel very much at home with our old friends at A Creative Revolution. Who wouldn't?

So, bookmark this. We may live in the swamp but even a proud rodent loves a comfy place to call home.

Please ... no. I'll do breakfast. Would you like Birch or Alder with your eggs?

Thank you, Pale.

1 comment:

Pale said...

Partial to pine?

:) That's a fast and quick deal that I set up to keep all the good blogs in one place. Its just For now. Wheeeeeeee!

And anyone who has left PB or is even thinking of it because of the human rights debacle over there, and wants me to add them, pop me a mail. pale(dot)cold(at)