Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It was a typo!

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Elmer's little boy is at it again. Peter MacKay has quietly sneaked in an erratum to the Department of National Defence Plans and Priorities report delivered to Parliament a few months ago.(Emphasis mine)
In an “erratum” note, it says the 2011-12 report wrongly described the F-35 purchase as being in “definition” project phase, which generally means an item has already received preliminary approval from Treasury Board, the gatekeeper for federal spending.
That would mean, (and there are a few of us who write here who really know this), that we would have before us, available for perusal, full life cycle costs and full life cycle material management costs. And the trade-off of industrial regional benefits.

But now ... ?
Instead the decision to buy a next-generation fighter is being reclassified as being in “option analysis” phase, which means Ottawa is still determining what it needs in terms of a plane.
Which means working up the LCC and LCMM on not only the F-35, but also any other contender out there, based on a comprehensive Statement of Requirements. As the Auditor-General pointed out, "5th generation fighter", is not an SOR.

This, however, gets even more precious.
In the note, National Defence blames an unknown bureaucrat for the snafu, saying someone made a “typographical error” in the 2011-12 “Report on Plans and Priorities.”
A typographical error? A typographical error?!!

Look at how your fingers would have to be misplaced on your qwerty keyboard, presumably in complete darkness, to make that significant a typo.

Tack on another lie.


Fitz-n-Startz said...

Here is the update:

Bev Oda says "that's ^not a typo!".

The Mound of Sound said...

The "typo" line was, well, depressing. That's it, just a typo. Nothing to see here, move along.

At least Kevin Page is now going after them, demanding full disclosure and "encouraging" DND to grow up and accept the $135-million unit price tag the US is now using.

It speaks volumes about the aircraft itself that the government has gone to such extraordinary lengths to deceive Parliament and the public.

When will someone on the inside finally speak out?

sassy said...

I ^NOT believe it was a type.

Anonymous said...

To expect any honest from Harper and his so called Conservatives, is an exercise in futility.

The House of Commons should be sold. I have yet to see, what use it is. Harper will give everyone the finger, and continue his fascist dictatorship regime anyway. Do people really think, Harper will be charged with election fraud? Elections Canada has done absolutely nothing, nor will they ever. Do you really think Harper and MacKay will pay for their lies, regarding the F-35 jets? Do you think Bev Oda will lose her job, for stealing our tax dollars, for her greedy luxury?

Absolutely not. The House of Commons is nothing but a farce.

Edstock said...

"F-35 Troop" — new this Fall on CBC-TV! Inspired by the American classic "F Troop", watch Airshow screw up in one hilarious cluster-fuck after another!

When it comes to procurement, these guys couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of fifties . . . our fifties.