Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another military procurement screw-up

Most Canadians can be excused for not having a clue about the Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) Project. It is, after all, only worth $2 billion.

This particular project, which is intended to provide the army with either a tracked or wheeled (who knows?) infantry fighting vehicle capable of accompanying the Leopard 2 main battle tank into combat, has been a cock-up from the word go.

DND requires that the CCV be a military-off-the-shelf equipment (MOTS). In other words, something that already exists and is in use by other armies.

So, when the various international companies who make such a vehicle submitted their bids, all of them were disqualified.

Why, you ask? Insufficient mine/IED armour protection. Except that everything that was MOTS qualified did not meet the armour requirement. Why? Nobody makes it.

So, drop that proposed procurement and issue a new Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP). The original number of 138 vehicles was reduced to 108 plus options on 30 more. The underside armour requirement is suddenly removed from the revised NPP but the overall armour, speed and turret requirement remains.

DND insists that the vehicles and the turrets be MOTS. (From the 2010 revised NPP)
The CCV must be an integrated, supportable, existing or upgraded version of a Military Off-the-Shelf (MOTS) BASE VEHICLE and MOTS TURRET, each of which is in production for and/or in service with another military recognized by DND as of the closing date of this Solicitation of Interest and Qualification (SOIQ).
And ... we'd really like the armour we want, y'know.

So, the most qualified candidates with the system closest to what DND/PWGSC wanted ... stayed home. Others competitors submitted MOTS vehicles for evaluation, as is. In short, not quite what DND wanted.

Here's the problem in a nutshell: DND is insisting on a MOTS vehicle and gun turret, but DND would like it modified to create some kind of super-duper armoured delight and they want whoever is delivering such a thing to take all the risk and mix-and-match bits and pieces to create a wonderful Canadian creation which was originally something else so they can say they purchased off-the-shelf.

And, in terms of military hardware like Infantry Fighting Vehicles, its a very small order and not worth the trouble or financial difficulties for most companies.

So, for the second time under the Harper government, this project is getting another restart.

You can count on fewer vehicles in the order, (the price goes up as the years go by), and more finger painting exercises by DND/PWGSC boffins and, if these vehicles are so desperately needed, a continuing deficiency in the Canadian Army's order of battle.

The Harperistas are doing a heckuva job!


Dana said...

This time they've trotted out my MP, Andrew Saxton, to be the monkey in the bag.

He actually seems like a nice enough guy and he's certainly not without accomplishments prior to being elected as a spear carrier for the scum party. Plus he seems to be an adult.

I've emailed him several times wanting to know if he's actually onside with the crooked shit and shenanigans. No answer of course.

I'll hold out hope that he and perhaps a few other less asshole oriented types in the caucus are being given more responsibility or better yet are demanding and threatening consequences if not.

I mean the entire caucus can't be composed of assholes, snakes and quivering cowards.

Can it?

Edstock said...

25 to 45 tonnes? What a bunch of idiots. We need a vehicle, could weigh between 50 thousand to 90 thousand pounds.

And this is supposed to help the selection process?

Boris said...

OK, what is it with DND wanting vehicles that don't actually exist in real terms? F-35 and the CCV are both fictions...something in the water maybe?