Monday, April 23, 2012

OK Alberta

Go on, elect the noxious weed children. With this sort of thing, and the stuff about how awesome it is to be a white dude, etc, you'll be lucky to still have an economy by the next election after all the non-bigots flee the province.

The weekly headlines in the rest of the country will interesting to say the least. Watching your newly bloomed Roses discover there's a) a Constitution and b) a Charter within it, and c) it means they can't ban non-whites and gays from owning property and having jobs will be interesting.


harebell said...

I won't be running away.
When faced with this kind of poison, the only way to deal with it is deliver an antidote.
That's some action I'll enjoy taking part in.
There are good people here who never fell for the Flanagan lies and yet more good folk who did.
Exposing the lies and continually highlighting them is an obvious first step. But I ain't leaving, I'm just going to be a pain in the arse.

Dana said...

What's the likelihood that the polling companies who got this so monumentally wrong will have an explanation by morning?

The news media, such as they are in this sad, benighted country are still trumpeting their "upset" story, as though the voters in Alberta have personally let them down and should bear some of the responsibility for making them look bad.

Gopod, what a bizarre country.