Friday, April 27, 2012

It doesn't get better than ...

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Honestly. Harper stands in the House of Commons and one-lines a pack of lies in an effort to discredit his political opposition.

Actually, he tried to smear them on the basis of "the fault of their ancestors". Except that their ancestors did not do what Harper said they did.

But Harper did indeed do this.
Today, the world is at war. A coalition of countries under the leadership of the U.K. and the U.S. is leading a military intervention to disarm Saddam Hussein. Yet Prime Minister Jean Chretien has left Canada outside this multilateral coalition of nations.
This is a serious mistake. For the first time in history, the Canadian government has not stood beside its key British and American allies in their time of need. The Canadian Alliance -- the official opposition in parliament -- supports the American and British position because we share their concerns, their worries about the future if Iraq is left unattended to, and their fundamental vision of civilization and human values. Disarming Iraq is necessary for the long-term security of the world, and for the collective interests of our key historic allies and therefore manifestly in the national interest of Canada. Make no mistake, as our allies work to end the reign of Saddam and the brutality and aggression that are the foundations of his regime, Canada's largest opposition party, the Canadian Alliance will not be neutral. In our hearts and minds, we will be with our allies and friends. And Canadians will be overwhelmingly with us.
But we will not be with the Canadian government.
Modern Canada was forged in large part by war -- not because it was easy but because it was right. In the great wars of the last century -- against authoritarianism, fascism, and communism -- Canada did not merely stand with the Americans, more often than not we led the way. We did so for freedom, for democracy, for civilization itself. These values continue to be embodied in our allies and their leaders, and scorned by the forces of evil, including Saddam Hussein and the perpetrators of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That is why we will stand -- and I believe most Canadians will stand with us -- for these higher values which shaped our past, and which we will need in an uncertain future.
The fat little man, who had never darkened the threshold of a recruiting office door, ever,  was writing letters demanding the spilling of Canadian blood in support of a George W. Bush invented war.

He went nuts when we didn't dive blindly into Iraq.

He stuffed himself into the corner of the worst kind of moron the world has ever seen take the reins of the last surviving military superpower.

Not much has changed.

Harper is a whole lot less than what his spin merchants portray.

The truth is, he is a self-absorbed idiot.


H7N9 Watch said...

I hope we don't let the British cede the Sudetenland to the Taliban. Otherwise, they'll invade Poland!

Holly Stick said...

Perfesser Dave illuminates the fuzzification: