Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elmer Derrick appointed to Prince Rupert Port Authority Board

Elmer Derrick doesn't live in Prince Rupert. His Gitxsan Nation's land isn't in Prince Rupert. What makes this so "odd"? Well, take a look at this:
The northern B.C. First Nation chief who signed a controversial deal to support Enbridge's $5.5-billion oil pipeline has been appointed by the federal government to the Prince Rupert Port Authority.
They're not even attempting to hide the corruption.


North Van's Grumps said...

Last sentence, from the linked story in the Vancouver Sun, above:

"The Gitxsan Nation is located about 280 kilometres west of Prince Rupert, which is not within its traditional territory."

Which puts the Nation 800 metres under the Pacific Ocean, well beyond the western shores of Haida Gwaii!

Does the Vancouver Sun even know where they've sent their intrepid columnist Vaughn Palmer on his northern cruise up the coast of British Columbia?

Not saying Palmer wrote the "Elmer Derrick" piece for the newspaper, but gee whiz guys!

North Van's Grumps said...

The Link is to the Ottawa Citizen, YES, but its been republished, in the Edmonton Journal, and will probably end up in the Vancouver Sun.

All three newspapers are owned by the Postmedia Network which has a paid circulation of 1.4 million.

That's 1.4 million who will think that Prince Rupert is NOT on the coast of British Columbia.

RossK said...


At this point it is unfortunate that the board of the Port of Vancouver is not also located 280 km out in the Pacific.

(see, Hochstein, Phil)

double nickel said...

This is a deliberate stick in the eye to all of the other bands in Northern BC.

sunsin said...

Are they completely crazy? How the eff is deliberately whacking a hornet's nest going to help get the other bands to agree? Somebody never made it out of the kindergarten play area.

Purple library guy said...

They have no intention of getting the other bands to agree. The plan fairly clearly is to steamroll over them--but it's useful to have a token on side, hence the bribe.

Moon Rattled said...

"Transport Canada officials pointed to payment ranges for sitting on boards that range from $200 to $550 per day, but said they were prevented from providing more specific information on Derrick's pay because it would violate privacy rules."

Privacy rules...that's a good one.

This grifting sellout should probably stop wearing the ancestral costumes. His ancestors wouldn't be proud.

kootcoot said...

Yeah, now that the Harper Fascist Government has decided no one can speak against the pipeline unless it goes through their yard, it would only be fair to also limit support from outsiders.

But then the real backers and supporters of the project would all have to cease and desist, because other than in North Texas, otherwise known as Alberta, all the support comes from elsewhere, like China, the boardrooms of Exxon, BP etc. and Wall Street, the TSX and Howe Street.

But then they are directly affected by the project, they have to suffer a spill, a MONEY spill, but of course they welcome that kind of pollution!