Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Changing formation

If you come here via Progressive Bloggers, you will have to find a different route. I will apologize now to any readers to whom that causes inconvenience.

I have asked the site administrator at that aggregator to remove The Galloping Beaver from the blogroll there.

If you have a burning desire to remain connected with TGB on a common list, be aware that we have a long blogroll and I am prepared to add to it. The current roll rotates with the latest post of listed blogs moving to the top. Or, you can follow us on Twitter. I will be adding a quick click link in the right sidebar in the coming days.

Since this can never be done without at least a touch of an explanation, I'll put it this way:

Not to spend more time with the family;
No one has a new baby;
Pursuing other interests is not a factor;
We're not doing it for health reasons.

We were simply not a good fit anymore. Time to get on a different numbered bus.


Dana said...

Is the blogroll going to be altered as well?

Dave said...

Some of it. I'll be hauling off the Progressive Bloggers patch. Are there some there that should go? (I honestly haven't spent a lot of time looking).

Dana said...

I don't know. I was just asking since I use it.

Dave said...

It will probably expand. I did remove one recently (like in the last few minutes).

I am more than happy to entertain any suggestions you have. Just give me links and I can do it very quickly.

Getting that ProgBlog sticker off means I have to go into the html. Yuk. Might be a day or two.

Saskboy said...

If you're adding to your blogroll, I'd very much appreciate a link to my blog.

Some blogs I'd recommmend for your blogroll would include www.cdnpo.li LaRue's, Brandon Laraby aboyandhistvshow.blogspot.ca
and if I notice other good ones not yet on your page I'll try to point them out for you to consider.

J Doe said...

You're on my newsreader anyway. :)

And on my blogroll.


Chris said...

My uterus and I applaud you, Dave.

Sol said...

Hi Dave:

Adding you to my rolls here and here.

I'd be honoured if you saw fit to do likewise. I'm not sure ProgBlog and I have much of a future either.

Dave said...

Will do Sol. Thanks.

J Doe. If you have a blog I'll add it.

J Doe said...

Hey Dave

Thanks, but you already have me on - I`m the RN behind Those Emergency Blues. Just couldn`t get damned OpenID to work on your site, so logged in to comment under Google.

Cheers JD

Dr.Dawg said...

Good on you, Dave & Co.

Dave said...

Thanks Dr. Dawg. You too mate.

LuLu said...

Bravo o Captain my Captain! I decided to keep my daintily shod feet out of this one because I have endless faith in you.

And I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that even though I have a new company, new job and a fancy new title, I'm still swamped with reviews and edits....maybe I should get a job digging ditches ;)

Dave said...

Ha! I knew you were busy. Still ... we miss the weekend cartoons.

No ditches. Think of your boots!

There is a light in the door and the window is always open.

And, very many thanks.

opit said...

I certainly approve your move since Pro Bloggers are obviously suffering insanity and bigotry both. I found I just didn't have enough room in my sidebar to track everything I wanted to follow years ago even if I had the skills to do so. Besides - my posts are far too long already for quick loading. So I'm rather bemused at comments on how people will find your blog. I tend to see what commenters have posted themselves - especially if they sound like they have something to say.

Dave said...

Opit, it depends on the template but you can easily alter your blogroll to rotate to the lastest post.

Interestingly, since dropping PG and employing a different strategy our traffic has increased. I can't say I ever expected that.

Anyway, PG now has Kinsella. If he had come in while we were there, we would have left then anyway.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey guys - I just read Kinsella's latest smear of Fern Hill over at Prog Blog and it was nauseating, seriously stomach-churning.

If that's what Scott Tribe wants, I think my days are numbered. The question is where to next? I left LibLogs over Cherniak and now ProgBlogs over Tribe/Kinsella.

Is it time just to fold up shop and find something productive or remotely useful to do? I'm sure open to suggestions.

Holly Stick said...

Look at Kinsella's latest trick: