Monday, April 23, 2012

Entitled to their entitlements

The screaming hypocrisy of the Harper Conservatives continues unabated. If you don't know what I mean yet, go read Nancy's morning post.


Fitz-n-Startz said...

All the more galling as I recall that when Mackay changed his accommodations to something well in excess of reasonable, the justification was that "Canada books rooms at the same hotel where the conference takes place … where the majority of the participants stay"

And here we now have Oda moving OUT of the hotel where the conference was being held, stating "the minister preferred not to stay at the Grange St. Paul's upon our arrival there and we had to pay".

Anonymous said...

MacKay and Flaherty both spent, $1,300 per night on luxury hotel suites. That's very nearly the same amount a single mother earns in a month, to support her children. What about Harper's $45,000 to take in a ballgame? Or, an $11,000 per hour jet, to take in a hockey game? Harper's whopping $47 million security bill. There is no way, he is worth that. The $50 million on gazebos. MacKays $3 million of plane fares. The Limo bills are an outrage. Harper and his Conservatives outlandish salary's and their gold plated pensions. The $50 million for thieved campaign money.
The tax dollars wasted on, Harper's hired criminal, Bruce Carson. What about Harper's $1 billion, for a stupid fake lake? That's only a drop in the bucket, of our thieved and wasted tax dollars, that we know about. God knows how much of our money is really thieved. Bev Oda, was only caught by chance. So we can measure the thefts of Harper and his Conservatives, by what Bev Oda would have ripped us off for.

Harper gives billions of our tax dollars to, banks, mines, gas and oil corporations. he also gives them huge tax reductions. This was seen on, the House of commons TV channel. Harper steals from us, to give to the wealthiest outfits in the world.

Everyone has taken note...Harper now does his dastardly, sneaky deals, behind closed doors. More dirty tactics/dirty politics, coming along everyday now. Election fraud, robo-calls, thieved tax dollars. Prisons shut down. Thousands of job losses, because of Harper. All of Canada's friendship with the decent country's, we have lost because of Harper.

Anything goes for Herr Harper and his henchmen. In Canada, corrupt, thieving, and cheating politicians are rewarded. Just ask Gordon Campbell.