Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You're cut off!

The luxury escorts of Madrid, Spain have had enough. In a country where prostitution exists in a gray area between not being legal and not being illegal, the most expensive women have told their banker clients to get human. (Machine translation. Live with it. I don't speak Spanish)
The largest trade association of luxury escorts in Madrid announced yesterday the beginning of a total strike and indefinite suspension of sexual services to employees of banks until they return to providing credit to households, SMEs and Spanish companies.
They've cut off the Spanish 1 percenters.
The idea of ​​this strike arose from the experience of CP Lucia one of the association's members, who during the press conference told how one of her regular customers told him that, for many months, his only activity was to borrow hundreds of millions of euros of liquidity window at 1% from the ECB, and immediately spend the money on European government debt and highly specialized products such as CDS (credit default swaps) and commodity hedge funds, with returns of between 3 and 7% , pocketing the difference. "One day I got fed up and said: Enough is enough no?  Forget my pussy until you fulfill your responsibility to society. My client at first grumbled and threatened to cut off the maintenance fees and transfers, but eventually backed off and three days later returned with a notarized certificate of having granted a line of credit to SMEs and a loan to buy a Citroen van a self-contained.  This is how I realized that we could help the credit flowing again "
It gets better. How? The bankers want someone to legislate an end to the strike.
The Confederation of Banking has formally requested the establishment of minimum services and government mediation to unlock the conflict as soon as possible. But from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness headed by Luis de Guindos, recognize that the lack of legislation around the area makes it very difficult for the government to intercede in the conflict.  "In fact, not even been a formal strike communication, but escorts are making use of its right of admission to deny entry to, well, you know.  So no one can negotiate "
This was posted to give you a break from scandal and the vile politics of Stephen Harper. 


sassy said...

If that were happening in Canada, the Conservative gov. would legislate them back to bed.

ThinkingManNeil said...

Either that, Sassy, or go biblical on them and set them up for public stonings...except, of course, for the ones they'd reserve for themselves.


Edstock said...

Grab 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow . . .

kootcoot said...

This reminds me of the sixties and the resistance to the Vietnam War when women like Joan Baez said to say no to guys who would go to Vietnam.

Of course the guys who went to Vietnam just exploited the Vietnamese women.

Niles said...

Someone playing up the Lysistrata gambit.

The commentors seem to feel this is a hoax story as they can't find coverage of it anywhere else, but doesn't it play sweetly to the fears of powerful men and the heart of arguments about both unions *and* legalizing sex workers.