Thursday, March 08, 2012

Grecian formula . . .

THE DAILY RECKONING has a fascinating piece of deduction by Dan Denning, "What the Greek Rescue is Really About". It's not about the Greeks, who rightly feel they are being left out to dry. Things are not as they appear.

In today’s Daily Reckoning, we’ll do something we can barely stand to do: we’re going to write one more time about Greece. If you can stand to read it, you may come to the same conclusion we reached.

That conclusion is simple: what’s going on Europe has nothing to do with solving a debt crisis and everything to do with preserving a corrupt system based on limitless debt and growing government power. The sooner you understand that fact, the sooner you’ll be able to prepare for what happens next.
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This is simply the latest example of corrupt government operatives colluding with the financial elite to steal money, liberty and big chunks of “the pursuit of happiness” from “we, the people.”
H/T — Helmut


Steve said...

Yes our econimic system is about as robust as the King James Bible. Yet they endure.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Greece has roughly 50% unemployment among people 15-24. This is a recipe for civil unrest.