Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Mutiny" on the Committee?

Read as Kady does her awesome thing.

...The speaker reminded him that such complaints are more properly put before the committee itself, at which point Andrews informed the government that, given that ruling, his party will no longer consider itself entirely bound -- or, in this case, gagged -- by the blanket non-disclosure clause, and, as such, may begin holding post-meeting scrums in order to"lift the veil of secrecy" that the government has "draped" over committee proceedings.

Which, of course, immediately resulted in two questions jumping to mind: First, can they do that? And if so, what happens next?

The short answers, in that order: 1. Yes, they can; and 2. Actually, that's an interesting question.
Go now and look at the rest where Kady explains potential implications of such a manoeuvre. 

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