Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lose the election?

We'll just give you the job anyway.
A government employee described by Liberal Irwin Cotler as his “shadow MP” working on the federal payroll has offered some clues about his job and his publicly funded salary.
Mr. Cotler has raised concerns that Saulie Zajdel, the Conservative candidate he defeated in last year's election, is earning a government paycheque while trying to undermine him in his Montreal riding.
The significance of the riding of Mount Royal? Take a look and see if you can figure it out.

As an added feature, take a look at the yapping  Zajdel was doing a little while ago.
Saulie Zajdel, the former Côte des Neiges/NDG councillor and Conservative candidate, has been appointed by the federal government as a regional advisor for community outreach and relations.
“I’m going to be working under Christian Paradis, minister of the Montreal region, and Canadian Heritage minister James Moore in the Ministers Regional Office in Montreal,” Zajdel told The Suburban last week.
Christian Paradis ... well, isn't that just too special


Alison said...

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but something odd happened today. I live in Mount Royal riding and got two automated calls which seemed to be from 514-064-9940. They were in a foreign language which sounded a lot like Hebrew. I then tried to call back the number and was told by the operator that it was an international call and could not be completed. Just wondering if the charming Zajdel has been contracting out some Israel-friendly robocalls to spread more lies about Mr. Cotler. Any techies out there who could trace down the phone number?

sassy said...

Attention Seniors - not financially ready for retirement, concerned about OAS age limit being raised.

Solution - run for the SH party of Canada, lose election et voila.